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I've been looking for some functionality to stop playing after a song has finished but I haven't been able to make this happen. I'd really like to have the option to manually advance songs,so after finishing a song the player stops rather than starting the next song/track in the list.

The most obvious place to put this functionality would either be somewhere between the different repeat options, or as a specific queue option ("manual queue advance").


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This has been asked for a few times in the past, and about a year ago (in http://forum.poweram...__fromsearch__1) Max said he'd be adding it to a forthcoming interim release, but it hasn't happened yet.

My suggestion at the time was to change the 'Repeat' menu to the give the following slightly reworded options:

Play One Song (i.e. stop at end of current song, in place ready to play the next song) [New]

Play Current List (stop at end of current List, in place ready to play the next List) [currently called REPEAT OFF]

Play All Lists (stop at end of all Lists, in place ready to start again at the beginning) [currently called ADVANCE LIST]

Repeat Current Song [currently called REPEAT SONG]

Repeat Current List [currently called REPEAT LIST]

Repeat All Lists [New]


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I am also a musician wanting to use backing tracks on my Motorola Xoom for live performances. I also need Poweramp to stop after each song so I could manually choose the next one. I have the trial version now...Is there a way to do this yet? If not, when please...Thanks, Mick

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