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Audiophile or Non-Distortion mode for EQ

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Currently the EQ allows for both positive and negative adjustment of levels.

I'd love to have an Audiophile / Non-Distortion mode for the EQ that starts with all of the sliders at ZERO across the top of the screen and only allows for negative adjustments.

Increasing levels on an EQ causes distortion in any bands that are pushed above the flat range. It is preferable, and instantly renders better sound quality, to only lower bands that you do not want to hear as much of.

By using this mode of the EQ you would also allow users to make more finite adjustments to the sliders as their full sliding area will be dedicated to only the negative range.

This idea struck me after realizing that there is really no practical purpose for moving your sliders above flat. It's just wasted real-estate. I do realize however that many people who do not understand how EQs work are used to being able to boost things and will not react well to having this ability removed. For this reason I think it would be a great option and not a default.

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