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Player Link / Back to now playing?


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I'd like to start off that I absolutely love this player, and I can't wait to purchase it.

However, I would really like a way to get back to the now playing "Player" part of the app without having to use the physical buttons on my Droid X. Currently, I click on the menu/settings physical button, then select player.

In winamp, no matter where you were in the app, you can see what's currently playing by dragging the bottom bar up.


http://i1-news.softpedia-static.com/ima ... Beta-2.png

"Now Playing Slide up to view more info."

Would that be possible? An easy implementation (I assume) I thought of is below.

Perhaps an additional button in between Folders and Library? Image below:

folders-1.jpg Current functionality

PLAYERMOCKUP.png Possible addition?

It's something I frequently do, and having to use the physical buttons and an additional step, for whatever reason, rubs me the wrong way. Sorry for being lame.

Perhaps even a setting in the menu to disable/enable such a button, in case no one else uses it?

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Thanks for the request.

Yes, I think it's pretty possible (probably via option, may be even by default).

Though, Back button is mostly intended for this, but if you come to playlist from eq, it will return you back to eq, so Player button makes sense.

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One frustrating example is in car dock mode.

I add the Poweramp link to the Car Dock Mode home screen, and when I touch the link, it takes me to the folder/library view.

When I'm driving, I like seeing what's playing, so I'm forced to click on the menu button, then the player link in the pop up screen.

Clicking back takes me to the car dock screen.

A "Player" link would fix this nicely, as pictured above.

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