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Album art swipe sensitivity


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Do you think it is possible to make swiping over album art more like in "3" player?

It is kind of annoying when you can only change one album up/down with a single swipe.

The same with all the tapping to get to the album list.

Anyway, a method to easily browse albums collection on a player screen (or lock screen) would be highly appreciated.

And thank you for a great job! :)

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Hi, I think the OP means add velocity/inertia to the swipe, rather than fancying up the visual fx to make a spinny 3D textured cube like in "3" :-)

i.e. you give it a good long fast flick and it might quickly fly through 5-8 album covers, rather than 1-swipe-1-cover like it is now.

No need to enhance the animation visuals I think they look great now, would just be a bit faster depending on the speed of the flick.

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