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Lockscreen Control & Tweaks


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I'm a new user to Poweramp and I have a few questions regarding a couple of the tweaks.

Firstly, my situation. I have the ICS Lock Screen enabled in the Lock Screen options so that I can control Poweramp via the Lock Screen. However, if I pause my current song it unloads Poweramp instead of giving me the option to resume playing.

Under the Tweaks settings I see the Use Wakelock option and Keep Service option. If I enable both of these, I am able to properly pause and resume my current song on the Lock Screen.

I am happy with that functionality, but I'd like to inquire about the Use Wakelock and Keep Service options. I believe it's same to assume that using these two options will increase battery usage if the service is loaded for prolong periods when not playing audio. When I'm done playing my audio I'd like an option to exit and close the services. Is this possible? I currently do not see an option.

For example, in the DoggCatcher podcast application I can hit the menu button and exit via the Exit application menu option. I don't see this option in Poweramp.

I've done some searching and I've read that using the back button will exit Poweramp. However, if playing music the music will keep playing after hitting the back button so I don't think it is indeed exiting. Also, if the music is stopped and I have the Use Wakelock and Keep Service selected, the services for Poweramp are still running when using the back button.

In summary, is there currently a way to stop services and exit Poweramp with Use Wakelock and Keep Service selected? I appreciate any help.

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