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help finding the best equalizer


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hi everyone

i have just recently bought this app and cant believe i had not found it any earlier!

it has the best user experience a music player could give to you

i have been scouring the web for the different equalizer settings hoping i would find one that suits me best but so far no luck!

when ever i try a equalizer its either too bassy or the treble is not right then i hear the crackling sound!

i am also not using any standard headphones, i have the beats by dre studio's :P

on the stock player i fared quite well with a equalizer but when i tried copying it on the Poweramp equalizer it was over empowering

i listen to alot of hip hop, r&b, uk grime, bass driven tracks

i listen for bass and lyrics so how would i go about adjusting my equalizer to meet my requirements?

what is you equalizer like?

kind regards

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You may start with one of the presets you like more and then customize based on that. Note if you amplify some band more, esp. bass bands, you may need to reduce preamp a bit.

Also it really depends on headset/headphones. For example, my sennh hd 515 requires 2k-4k aplification to sound natural, while for stock headset it would produce too harsh mids.

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