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Great player, love it. Great recent update.

This is probably one of those 'niche' features, but I used to use a windows mobile player called nitrogen. You could set it so when you pressed the skip button, the album art and song title changed to the next song, but didn't actually start playing it until you pressed the play button. If you left the new album art and song title up after pressing the skip button, when the current song playing finished, it would play the song you left on the screen. It was particularly useful when you were shuffling all songs, you could kind of skip through the shuffle and choose the next song you wanted to hear, but the shuffle kind of worked as 'suggesting' the next song as you skipped through. Hopefully that makes sense. I always thought that was a great a feature and had never seen it anywhere else (and have never seen it since). I have no experience with coding or programming, so I have no idea how hard this would be - but the nitrogen player was pretty simple, so I would guess it's not that hard.

Anyway, thought I'd throw it out there, again great player, can't wait for the update that includes hierarchical folders and a now playing queue!!

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