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Quick library context switching from player activity


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I love that Poweramp remembers the library context I'm currently in and selects the next song accordingly.

The only thing I'm missing is a way to quickly change to a different context from the player activity.

My proposal in an example:

1. The user wants to play Reggae

2. He navigates to Genres->Reggae and selects a song

3. After a couple of minutes a Bob Marley song starts playing

4. The user decides that he now only wants the album of the current song to be played, not all the Reggae songs in his library.

5. He long presses on the cover art

6. A categories dialog appears with the options "Artist, Album, Genre, Folder"

7. He selects "Album"

8. The dialog closes and Poweramp internally changes the playback context to the album, without changing the current activity

9. A notification appears on the screen to confirm the selection

10. By clicking on ">" the user can now skip through all songs of the current album

11. Clicking the mini info display will open the library activity with the list of songs of the current album

I think this feature would greatly increase the comfort and speed of jumping between different categories in a big library.

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