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How to make Playlists easily in app or with Foobar2000?


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What exactly do you need to know? Here a short description:

  1. Install foobar2000 portable (not needed, you could use your existing installation instead. But in my opinion it's better-arranged, if you have a version only for your android library)
  2. Add your library (from your plugged device): Library > Configure > Music folders > Add..
  3. Compile your playlists in foobar2000
  4. Save the playlists as *.m3u (//edit: or better as *.m3u8. Read next posting by maxmp) to your device: a) File > Save playlist or B)Shift+File > Save all playlists...
  5. (//edit: This point is not needed. Read next posting by maxmp) Modify the saved playlist(s) to change the paths from absolute to relative (ask Google, if want want to know more about absolute and relative paths) with an program that is able to search and replace text. Every texteditor can do this, but much more comfortable is a utility like Search&Replace.

    For example (My music is stored on sdcard in Musik, and the playlists in Musik[playlists]:
    K:Musik[tracks]Escalators, The - The Edge.mp3
    have to be changed to:
    ..[tracks]Escalators, The - The Edge.mp3
  6. Now your playlists should appear in Poweramp (Library > Playlists)

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#4 - m3u8 will be a bit better if you have non-latin characters in song names (this is unicode m3u version)

Also possible with foobar2000. Thank you!

You don't need #5 (Poweramp finds tracks by last folders/song filename).

Wow. Cool, I didn't knew. Thanks!

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my App "Playlist Manager" gives you what you are looking for. You do not need Poweramp. It offers several m3u options such as relative or absolute path or android(unix) or Windows.

In addition, there are further nice features such as selecting whole albums randomly to a playlist.

Once created on your android, simply copy them to your PC and assuming you retain the same file structures, just play them in foobar or any other player.

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I've made a highly automated free mp3 tagger called taghycardia, which now has an integrated Unicode playlist making feature. This one recursively creates .m3u8 playlists, including for any folders with non-Latin characters. One can even generate a playlist that contains only specified number of songs from each folder and/or choose to avoid including introductory tracks.

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