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Next major Poweramp vers. should be developed on Nexus 10


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I reckon that Poweramp 3.0 or next major version should be developed on the Nexus 10 tablet.

Because of the beautiful clarity and pixel density of 2560x1600 resolution 10inch screen, this makes it an ideal reference device for developers to use to make tablet compatible apps with the sharpest of GUI graphics, icons etc (XHDPI)

Think about it, if Poweramp is developed entirely for this type of screen then it would just be a case of (pleasurable) downsizing of all the GUI elements to run on smaller screens which would have the perfect end result of even sharper appearance. > especially benefiting after downsize for 720p and 1080p Android device screens.

I wonder if you Poweramp dev's have yet purchased a Nexus 10 to add to your test pool of devices?

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