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Make Poweramp sound more crisp???

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Before putting all of my mp3s on mye LG Motion, running ICS, I listened to all my music on my ipod nano. So I am very used to the sound quality of that. I don't expect my android to sound exactly like my ipod, BUT my sound quality is no where near that of my ipod,

I purchased Poweramp because the stock player wasn't loud enough. Now I have a problem with adjusting the eq settings to making my music sound more crisp.

I have tried almost all the presets. For the most part I use the Treble Preset, but when listening to music it just isn't clear enough. Its either has too much bass to the point where there is static or distortion when listening to music or there is not enough bass.(I listen to a lot of rap) I hate to use the "Limit" feature on Poweramp, although it clears the bass distortion, it muffles the sound to much.

I am novice when it comes to adjusting and customizing audio settings.

What can I don to make the most out of my Poweramp app. All I want is for it to sound more crisp and clear. Is there something in the EQ settings or anything that I can adjust? (I have bought quality earphones so I don't think that is the issue)


P.S. I posted on here before on how Poweramp doesn't save mt updated playlist. What can I do to solve that problem as well.

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