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filtered search and multi select


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Until now i was using the good old Poweramp 1.4. But i get annoyed with "too many failed files" . I now a solution for that (clear data Poweramp and media storage), but then I loose all my playlists. So i moved to the newest Poweramp. My requests:

1. There's should be added an option what "Search button" do. Because now it search in All Songs. I want an option, where Search Button , searches only in current playlist ( as it was in 1.4 version).

Yes, I now that there is Filter function above all songs. But if I'm listening a song, which is (for example last song at the end of Playlist) , i need to scroll up to select Filter option. So

2. Maybe Filter function should be integrated in "Folder Player Library" bar, which is under the songs.

"Folder Player Library Filter" . But there's still should be an option added to physical search button function.

search with phycical button interface in 1.4 was perfect, so if you add this function I'd be very happy if the search interface will be the same as in 1.4 version.

And the last offer.

3. Multi select function. It takes much time to push on a song then wait till popup, and then select add to playlist.

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