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Playing FLAC audio from NAS

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Hi all, I cant' stress this feature request more. Currently we listen to music by playing FLAC audio files on our SD cards via Logitech bluetooth audio adapters into yamaha pianocraft stereos in different rooms. Poweramp is the only player that does our music any justice. (love the player) But of couse we quickly come up against SD card storage space. (especialy using FLAC audio files) which is very limiting. I have been trying to find a way to play our music files from a NAS connected to our network. Some players do this with ease. I tried BubbleUPNP which happily plays FLAC from our NAS but lacks the audio control and finese of Poweramp. (it just does not sound as good). I quess this is mainly a limitation for those who want CD quality audio or above playing through their android device.

I have also tried higher resolution audio through power amp to test its limitaions (96khz 2030kbs) but end up with background crackle. In saying that quite happy with 44.1khz.

Anyone else feel the need for NAS playback? I am starting to beileive its a vital feature. Or is it just me that needs this?

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I fully concur. Playing high resolution flac files from a pc share folder would elevate this player to "must have" status. I use bsplayer to do this at the moment, but it is a far inferior audio player. That being said, this player is as near to foobar as I've seen. Keep up the good work. First android app I ever thought was worth buying. I'd pay again for those features. Again: too many artifacts on 24-bit 96kHz flac files to bear; and no provision for network streaming are my ONLY complaints.

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