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Some files' ReplayGain don't work, what did I do wrong?

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In foobar2000 I scaned all my files' track gain and they do all sound equally loud in foobar2000.

But copied into the phone, some of them just sound much louder in Poweramp.

I'm sure that songs are correctly updated onto the phone, and also that I've set the option as applying track gain.

So what did I do wrong? Any help appreciated.

And if this helps, it's ok for me to provide my files to you developers for analysis or something like that.

Just don't want no more sudden-high-volume-songs piercing into ears while jogging...

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Poweramp seems to use some sort of non-standard ReplayGain tag parsing. I don't see it working for me either.

There are threads in the forum, you could try them, but for me it doesn't seem to work as it does on JRiver Media Centre on my desktop (same file, or transcoded file)

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Right, let's find out what's going on.

First, select one of your mp3 tracks without replay gain tags in it - make sure it doesn't have itunes tags in it either as these can be used by Poweramp too.

Make a copy of the file. Name one WithGain.mp3 and one NoGain.mp3

Apply Replay Gain using Foobar to WithGain.mp3

Under Replay Gain settings in Poweramp set RG preamp to 0 (near enough will do). Set Preamp for songs without RG to its lowest setting.

Put both tracks on your phone and rescan.

Make sure Apply Gain is set and Source is Track

Play both tracks one after another - do you hear any difference in loudness between the two?

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No, no difference between these two as I can tell.

And with this setting (Preamp for songs without RG changed from 0dB to -16dB, which is the only difference from my original settings), the four files which sounded much louder now sound slightly lower than other files. I might live with this, at least they're not piercing now. Still don't know if this is the way things should work though.

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Right, I see now -

The "Geek In The Pink" track uses APE tags whereas the other uses id3.

It looks like Poweramp does not recognise the APE tags, these are a very old "standard" - so is not applying replaygain to these files.

In fact, when I looked at the tags of the files under mp3tag I could not see the replaygain as it does not like APE tags either.

I had a quick look at how to fix this but could not find anything obvious to convert the tags - but now you know why so I'm sure you can find a solution.

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