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Music Playing for Idiots?


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Note - I am the idiot in this equation.

All I'm really looking for is, for example, a way to have say two albums and three songs from a third album playing at once. I could then set the thing to repeat just those, and shuffle through those, and be happy. No saved playlists or anything like that.

I haven't had any luck with the Enqueuing feature - if I try to go back, it just takes me to other music I have listed. And I don't want it as a saved playlist - I guess I'm looking for a feature to lock in the music you set up so no other music will play, and that you can do on the fly.

Am I missing something? Or is there no way to do this?

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Enqueing should work but you have to adjust how the list works within settings. There is a selection for telling Poweramp what to do when it reaches the end of your queued songs. I believe the default is continue playing using the entire song listing...your post seems to indicate that is what's happening.

Try this:

- Go to Settings

- Select Folders and Library

- Select Queue

- If "Auto Advance from Queue" is checked, uncheck it

- Check "Return to Queue"

I think this will produce the result you are looking for.

Good Luck!

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