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(technical) Criteria for folder rescan to actually rescan files ?


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This is a technical question, probably for max.

When doing a rescan (either from the Library or Folders tab with the "Rescan" menu action), what are the criterias

for the rescan process to actually accept to enter a folder and scan the files ?

Is it based on file/directory modification date ? Other conditions ?

I'm asking because I have a mounted filesystem as a subdirectory of the External storage directory (as returned by Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory()), and no matter what I do, the rescan process refuse to crawl this mounted filesystem.

All it does is to enumerate the content of the mounted folder then go no further. The regular Android Media Scanner has no problem crawling this directory.

Say this folder is /mnt/sdcard/mounted_fs and Poweramp does not scan this directory, just enumerates the files in /mnt/sdcard/mounted_fs.

So my question is if Poweramp rescan process discard mounted filesystem or expect some flags or directory attributes.

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