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Play only one title in list when searched for music (not the whole results list)

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Dear Poweramp developers,

I came to your player and found it really comfortable to use, powerful, in a slick and wide design. In the end I was convinced by it's vast audio file format support and bought my licence.

I only would like to make one small suggestion which would enhance my daily use enormously. I would love to have a kind of "one song play" within the search function. The reason is simple. Usually I pick my songs I would like to listen to one after another. So, basically after each song, I start to type the next song in the search box. Having searched, Poweramp plays all the songs which were found throughout the search after my song. That is somewhat annoying because it forces me to pause the list manually. Adding songs to a playlist never worked for me in this case, it is too strict. If I want to listen to more songs though, I put them together in a list.

I think, this feature could be easily integrated. For example, a single file play button could be added just within the context menu which appears when you press long onto a song in the search results list.

I hope this is possible, I would be very thankful.



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Hello dave,

I was intrigued by your answer but it was not the thing I was looking for, thank you though!

Play filtered results plays me the songs from the search list. You are right, that won't play eventually the songs which follow a song in it's "natural" folder environment (for example a song picked out of an album). But this is not what I meant.

What I wish to have is even more drastic: just play <<this one and only song I select>> in the search list ... As far as I see it, it's not easily possible without extensive playlist addings and removals..

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