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Double-Tap Volume Button To Skip To Next/Prev Track


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I'd love to see the features of Tactile Player integrated right into Poweramp. Double-tap your hardware volume button to skip to the next or previous track.

Tactile Player is NOT a media player, it's a program that runs in the background on Android that waits for volume key press events. When you double-tap the volume down or up keys on your phone, Tactile fakes a skip-forward button press to your media player and resets the volume to the level it was before you double-tapped.

It works fairly well, but once in a while Tactile will simply close (the developer's solution was to have a widget that tells you if it's running or not) or misbehave. I'd feel more at home if this feature were integrated into Poweramp, and I'm sure a lot of users would appreciate it.

Tactile's trick is that it effectively lets us control the music while NOT looking at our phone's screen (i.e. it can stay in our pocket) and it does NOT require root. For folks (such as me) who love the features of some custom ROMs to hold down vol up/down to skip forward/back on media players and want that on stock ROMs, this is awesome. As has been noted in other topics, hold-to-skip is not an option due to root requirements. The double-tap method gets around that.

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