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Poweramp doesn't recognize folders and files


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Hello everyone,

Every time I download new music and move it to the micro sd card of my htc I do a complete re-scan of folders and files, but some times Poweramp simply doesn't recognize the changes, some times it does recognize the files and folders and then suddenly it stop recognizing the files and I can't find the artist any more!

Is anyone experiencing the same problems? How can i fix it?

Thanks to you all for your help


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I'm having the same problem, this seems like a new problem since the last update. Because before I could add subfolders to my new music folder just fine and once I unplugged my phone after the quick auto rescan file would show up, now they do not show up at all. I have to do a full rescan everytime and if I dont have my playlist backed up they are gone also. Why do I have to do a full rescan to see new subfolders in my music folder now. If any music is added to my music folder by themselves or in a subfolder it should automatically be checked and seen after the quick rescan

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