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Does the planned "advanced tag editing" mean more tags for Info


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As the topic title already says, I would like to know if the planned "advanced tag editing" feature mentioned in the TODO mean that more extended tags would be able to be seen in the "Info" screen?

(whew that was a long question!)

By extended tags I mean further embedded music tags such as





'encoded by'

'itunes media type'

Is this what "advanced tag editing" of the TODO also includes?

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This part is under development right now (it requires low level tag editing code work, and this + tests actually take some time). Editor will support all available text/number fields and custom ones - similar how Foobar2000 does it. Some tag formats though don't provide such flexibility, but most of them - do (vorbis comments, id3v2, mp4 atoms, etc.). Tags could be edited for the group of files at once (i.e. per album/artist/playlist or folder).


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