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Keyboard over top of Poweramp lockscreen

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Poweramp version 2.0.7 build 515 Full Version

Droid 3

Android Version 2.3.4

Issue occured on Stock Android and now on "Steel Droid" ROM too.

The issue is that at times the keyboard appears over top of the Poweramp lockscreen. I can reproduce this by having Poweramp playing in the background and then opening an app with an editable text field (messaging, notes, email, etc.) which causes the keyboard to pop up. If I then turn the screen off and back on the Poweramp lockscreen appears but with the keyboard over top of it, blocking the controls. I've tried this with multiple keyboard apps with the same results. Thank you for your help.


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Same problem here guys.

Since my lock screen uses password to unlock the phone, android might think the keyboard should open as soon as the screen is on; if you use 'Swipe' or 'Pattern' it doesn't happen.

I've tried to 'close' the keyboard before locking the screen; but it happens again when you turn it on.

I believe its a Android issue thats disturbing the Poweramp; as soon as the screen is on, the keyboard appears, the field to insert the password is already select so the keyboard opens right away.

V.209-Build 552

Galaxy S4 - 4.4.2

Thanks in advance.

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I don't use a secure lockscreen, so the softkey only appears when an app (like a text editor) called the softkey activity before the lockscreen activated.  Also, I use Handcent/Next SMS for SMS/MMS messaging which has a popup feature which overrides the lockscreen.  If I reply from the popup, the softkey doesn't go away, it's still active "behind" the system lockscreen, and it moves to the foreground when the Poweramp lockscreen becomes active, at which point, pressing the system "back" button deactivates the Poweramp lockscreen, but when I unlock the system lockscreen, the softkey is still active and quickly disappears.

Device: LG Ultimate 2, stock, rooted

Android: 4.4.2

Poweramp: v2.0.10 build-588

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