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Album Art Swipe Gesture is too sensitive (v2.07 build 515)


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Hello Max and all the forum,

Currently when (most times) when I single tap on the Album Art area to toggle the showing of the EQ/Volume that displays over album art OFTEN this single-tap would result in a swipe to the next or previous track.

I adore and use both 'Swipe album art to next track' and 'Single tap on album art to show EQ/Vol'....

....However these two related touch gestures must not interfere with each other.

I just hope that the 'Swipe album art' could be made to be a little less sensitive or perhaps a sensitivty option in the user Settings to control this.

Thanks for reading.

Poweramp 2.0.7-build-515

Samsung Galaxy S3 , stock Touchwiz UX ROM

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

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