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Syncing Music Files


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For a while now I have been trying to find a quick and easy solution to syncronize my Android phone with my music on my PC. I wanted it for the most part to be automated and for my phone to match my directory hierarchy and naming structure on my computer. I'm sure there are many tools and ways to do this but I'll detail my method just in case it helps others.

First, you'll need to find sync software that can transfer files via FTP over wifi. Other protocols may work but I'm using FTP. I'm using Syncovery which I highly recommend. I'm sure there are some free options out there but Syncovery has been very reliable and easy to use for me, plus it's available for all platforms including Linux.

Next, download an FTP Server on your phone. I'm using a free app called 'FTPServer'.

Run the FTP Server on your phone and set up the sync program to sync your computer's music directory and the music directory on your phone using FTP. I have mine set up so Syncovery constantly monitors my folders for any changes and will begin syncing immediately (like Dropbox).

I add/delete music files on my computer and the changes are immediately reflected on my phone. No hooking up my phone to my computer with a USB cable. No need to upload files slowly using Airdroid. Just make changes once on your computer and enjoy the tunes on your phone.

What's your method of managing files? Any tips or suggestions are appreciated.

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