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Feature request: Search for track, artist, album info on Wikipedia (or other search provider)

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I am alway interested to read more info about a particular band, album or track that I am listening to. One way to do this is via Wikipedia (or other music knowledge sites).

I thought it would be cool, if say in the Info/Tags popup (menu -> Info/Tags), you could have a search icon next to the album, artist, and title - tapping one of those would quicky perform a search for that item in the Wikipedia app that I installed on my device. Alternatively it could open the list of registered search provider apps I have on my device, I select one, and then it searches for the item I have tapped on. MediaMonkey on PC has something similar - very powerful feature IMO.

Viper21 :)

PS. Interestingly, when I tap the Search button currently in the Info/Tags popup, it offers me Dolphin Browser, Internet, Music Player, Poweramp, Winamp, and YouTube, but not Wikipedia (which I have installed).

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