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Please improve the "first symbol" navigation through lists


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Not sure if I used the right name for this - I speak about quick browsing through album/artist/song/etc lists by sliding finger in the right side of the lists - it allows to browse by first symbol of list items.

I think the distribution of first symbols through display height is too straightforward - it supposes that I have items starting with every symbol and I have same amount of items for each symbol. So in this navigation 'A' got first 1/28 of screen height, 'B' second 1/28 and so on.

But if for example, my list consists of one 'A' item and 100 items from 'N' to 'Z' - first half of navigation height belong to 'A' (only for the single item), and second half to 'N' to 'Z'.

It would be so much better if in this case the height would be distributed not between all 28 letters, but only between actually existing 14.

Another example is when I got one item starting with '1' and all others are distributed through the alphabet. Even in this case we got first 1/3 of screen to '1' with space wasted to rest non-existing numbers. The more smarter way is of course 1/29 for each symbol.

Can you do this please?

Many thanks!

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