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I know that there are other threads requesting an iOS version of Poweramp...

I just want to add myself to the list for this request as the comparison to the stock iOS player (and every free/paid app version in itunes) is like comparing dry, no-named dog food to Poweramp's kobe beef tenderloin.

Moved from a droidx to the iphone 5 and it hurts my ears to listen to the same tracks anymore.


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There is a number of various players available for iOS, thus, we haven't find something matching Poweramp)) For example, there is a pretty good player with equalizer, but it doesn't play flac or other non-apple lossless standards, there is overpriced Flac player, without any dsp or whistles, etc.

Thus, Poweramp for iOS is a real future, but we want to release Poweramp v3.0 first (for Android).


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Yes, please.

I made an account for this forum specifically to request and show my support for the Poweramp app on iOS. I, too, went from using android (too many problems) to iOS on an iphone and haven't looked back. Unfortunately, music playback through Poweramp on my android is far superior to anything else I've used on ANY platform. I paid for it back on android and I'm willing to pay more for it on iOS. PLEASE! Listening to music on my iphone pales in comparison to what I've previously experienced with Poweramp.

Best regards,


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There are a lot of apple users that want Poweramp for iphone/ipad, it would be great if you could make that happen even if you have to get rid of some features little is better than none, there is power in numbers and i'm sure it would be popular on the app store.

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