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Poweramp for Desktop


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It'll be really nice if you guys develop a Poweramp for desktops. I would definitely use Poweramp over Windows Media Player and iTunes. Right now, there aren't that many good desktop media players, and so I think Poweramp is a good candidate in helping people withdraw from those infamous players.

Poweramp, to me is way better because it focuses on music and music quality rather than content purchases and ads. Other music players are stale, boring, kind of ugly, and lacks that passion/flare for music/sound.

If you make Poweramp for desktops and enable syncing it with mobile, I'm all in. Looks way better, has more and better functions, and it is actually fun to use.

Poweramp totally has potential against iTunes and WMP. As long as it is basically free to use and can run on Windows/Osx/Linux desktop and do all the necessary functions, I think a lot more people will appreciate it. It should be the superiority alternative to iTunes most definitely. Anyone want the same?:D

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I just had to make an account to add my support to this idea, I was thinking the same thing. Poweramp is such a good media player on andoird it's a shame that it is not an option for Linux or Windows users as well as Mac.

I would defently buy Poweramp again for desktop if it where an option.

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There are plenty of good Music players for PC.

Have you tried Winamp, VLC AIMP(2?) and Foobar2000.

Personal preferance is Winamp. But VLC can play anything (not the best UI), AIMP aswell. All with great EQ,

Winamp has a 10-band EQ. But you can download 32 bands EQ

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I second BluSmoke's opinion.

I just registered solely to say that I would love to have Poweramp for windows.

I miss having a synchronisation possibility with playlists and starred songs. I would prefer to keep my music-library in dropbox and then have the playlists and starred available both on my computers and my smart-phone. It annoyed me that I lost all my playlists and the list of over a 1000 starred songs when i changed my phone.

To claim that there isn't a market for this and that Poweramp should just be used for android is just bull-shit. Nowadays people are expecting that the possibility of synchronisation naturally because many of the competitors offer it, and it is a feature people want.

If you make a desktop version for windows, you can be sure you will get more people to use it on droids and iphones as well.

I have the purchased version for droid and I love it! Give me more!!

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