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Ability to run in Background & Auto resume after Phone call


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Dear Developer ,

i am using a HTC G1/Dream with Rooted Android 2.2 , CyanogenMod 6.0.0-DS , Build FRF91 . using the paid verion of this software , while its a great application , but it lacks the below basic feature , i really hope its not a BIG deal for the developer to include the below features

1) Auto remue of playing MP3 songs -- while enjoying music via headphones , if we recive any phone call , the player will stop . Again i have take the phone out of my pocket and start playing . It will be very good if it can resume after the phone call was ended

2) When we start this application , while its playing , if we go to home page / we lock the screen manually the mp3 player stops . it doesnt play in the back ground . however , its good that , if the screen locks automatically after the wait timer , it still continues to play . I hope the app can be imporved to continue playing in background even if we go to home page / we lock the screen manually .

Hope to have a update on this soon .


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Thanks for the request.

1. PowerAMP does resume after the call (if it was paused by the call and if headset wasn't disconnected). If it doesn't happen for you, it's probably the ROM issue.

2. PowerAMP does play in the background. It will play until songs list is complete (if not set to repeat), or until paused by widget/headset/from ui or until being killed by something else (e.g. task killer). If it doesn't work for you in the background, see #1

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PowerAMP is not MP3 music folder, so you can't expect same issues (or non-issues) from these applications.

If you can, you can try to temporarily install official update (if there is any 2.1+ for g1) and check if PowerAMP works there.

As for this type of phones, PowerAMP is tested on HTC Hero and HTC Wildfire (these are closest in hardware to g1 from phones I have in my phone test set).


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