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Excluding Songs from Shuffle

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I Google'd this feature before and it seems it has been discussed here, so I'm basically posting to show there is interest in this feature and any news on it.

Basically songs/albums/folders would have an option to exclude when in shuffle mode.

When I myself have shuffle on, I'm looking for my more popular or upbeat songs.

By no means do I want to just carry those songs though. When I want to listen to that album I want all the songs.

Also goes the same for albums I just don't want to hear during shuffle...those albums I have to be in a dedicated mood for.

iTunes had this feature for the iPod. Granted I know Poweramp isn't computer application based.

I've fixed this issue by just manually selecting a ton of songs for a playlist.

But it would be so much easier (and super awesome) to have the above requested feature.


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This issue has been raised many times, mainly in the context of longer audio tracks, where you don't want a two-hour concert, or a 60 minute radio show or podcast, or an audiobook chapter, to suddenly pop up during random music playback.

I think (well, I hope, as getting firm answers on this particular subject seems to be remarkably tricky) that eliminating certain audio files or folders from the shuffle system is something that will be implemented in a future release.


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