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Small requests


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Hello,first of all.Thanks for this amazing music player.I cant stop listen music,it's just awesome

Anyway :lol: (I'm 100% sure Poweramp stuff heard this 13123213 times )

I'm using Galaxy SII /Android 4.0.3 Stock Samsung turkey rom

Sometimes music stuck for 1,2 sec,but not at all,just 4,5 times in a day.Is it normal?

My Requests


I think orange buttons are very very useless ,because If user want change song just swipe picture .If user rate song,just open lock lol :D .

Notification bar icon for ? It must be visible when I close app,not all time

And Galaxy SIII music player has awesome feature


All you have to do is select mood,and it music for your mood.It's awesome and this awesome music player must have this

I want a setting for hide this orange buttons

I want notification bar icon hide setting

And I want lockscreen image effect like this


Thanks for reading ;)

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