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Two requests for effective playlist management


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Hello all,

I have the following two (rather simple) requests which will allow me to use Poweramp as full-scale Tango DJ (***) app.

1. When adding a track to an already long 50+ list, it is real pain to first add the track and then slide it all the way up to the beginning of the list. It would've been of immence help to me to have a new button, "add to beggining of playlist"

2. When you are playing your queue through PA, and at the same time adding new songs, it is quite easy to accidentally switch the track by pressing on it.... and your cozy evening suddenly gets ruined. It would've been great if there was a configuration that allows to disable staring new tracks by simple pressing. E.g. an explicit "right menu" -> "Start", would be the only possibility to swich the track.

(*** Tango DJ-ing is quite different from traditional Disco in that we do not beat-match or mix tracks, but rather chose on a fly a set of four tracks of the same orquesta based on the whole number of subjective criterias from the library of maybe 500-1000 tracks or more, then go to the next set... and so on... This requires quite an effective playlist management app, which Poweramp definitely is, but without the feature No 2 it is way too dangerous to use in real-life DJ-ing even as a backup to the laptop)

Thank you very much,


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