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Album length, most played & maybe...


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First of all, thank you Poweramp guys for making EASILY the best music player in the world, it has everything a man could ever want. And the fact I can simultaneously look at song lyrics from a tag and play a song blows my mind.

Now there are just a couple of small things I miss from my Nokia's music player:

The album length (& basically the overall length of any library entry there is (artist, playlist, all songs...)

"most played" playlist that practically counts every time you play a song and keeps track of what are your most "favorite" songs. What would be über-shmüber cool would be a real counter next to every song you play that says how many times you have played it.

Now my third wish sounds crazy, not even nokia has this, but imagine how cool this would be: a smaller timeline that shows how far along you are on the album! So when you listen to a song and it's in about 3:23 of 5:00, you can see another timeline that says 13:01 of 43:51 because it's the fourth song on the album or whatever.

Thank you by the way for today's update, they work more than perfect!

Keep up the beautiful work! You're making the world better! :D

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