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Poweramp validation


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Today I didn't have 3G service for a little bit over 3 hours and my Poweramp got locked.

It fixed itself as soon as I got in wi-fi range, but I had a 45-minute bus trip without music.

I'd like to get a "feature" and get Poweramp to check every, at least, 6 hours?

Or schedule the sync times? I usually don't have 3G on my area, but I'm on wifi almost all day.


I'm on latest Poweramp version (2.0.7-513) on an Atrix 2 running CM10

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This is not true, at least for version

I am receiving a message "Can't verify Poweramp License", caused by Google Play receiving a ERROR_CONTACTING_SERVER.

You do not specify that an internet connection is needed to use the play.

Please fix, or provide a refund.

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