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Which headset should i choose?


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sennheiser hd650 or AKG q701....

i listen to Electro, House, DnB, Dubstep etc

i know the AKG do have less to none bass but they look just so much better :(

although the hd650s are just so much better in terms of the sound.... btw the AKGs only got 1 cable coming out of the headphone.

(i dont really want Beats by Dre...)

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I dunno, it doesn't seem so far off topic to me, it's indirectly related to listening to Poweramp.

I still use the freebie earbuds that came with my old HTC phone most of the time (which are much better than the awful ones that came with my Samsung S3). Other than that, it's bluetooth to the car stereo.


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My bad OP, I thought you would have better advices on a more specialized forum

I was using some 10 bucks earplugs with Poweramp in the past and sound was much better with Poweramp

I went to something a bit more expensive(not that much tho) and it has very good sound

But honestly if you want to know something specific on headset you should look for reviews on specialized websites

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