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Only 1/4 of my Album Art shows up...

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Hey all...

I am using windows media player to sync my Android phone. Everything but the album art gets transferred without any problems.... since I don't have WiFi in my place, I just copied the album art (albumartlarge.jpg and folder.jpg) files to each folder. I also made sure that the attributes are removed so that the files are not hidden. Only about 1/4 of the album art actually shows up. I have tried dumping the cache and doing a full re-scan, but it doesn't change a thing. Any suggestions?

Thanks :~)

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Don't know if there's a quick option for this but here's what I'd do.

For a start, delete all the jpg's apart from folder.jpg - this is assuming that your albums are all in seperate folders, folder.jpg is containted in each of those folders and it is the one you want to use.

Install mp3tag. It has context menu so that you can right click a folder and it will scan all mp3's in that and the subfolders.

So do that and select all the mp3's once they're loaded up. Right click on the album art and select remove then hit save so there is no art embedded in your files that may conflict with your folder.jpg

Now to embed the folder.jpg into your mp3's I've copied this from somewhere else

"Convert > Actions, you’ll bring up the action list and can create a new action group. For album art, make a new action group. Add the “Import Cover from File” action to the group. Enter the name of the file that has the cover art in the next pop-up window. For me, that was “folder.jpg”."

Afterwards I'd probably delete the folder.jpg in case there are any weird attributes on them and use mp3tag to "Export Cover to File" which should be almost like above. There is a button or something in there that it may not say exaclty "one file per folder" but should be something similar. Tick that or else you'll end up with one folder.jpg for EVERY mp3 rather than one per album.

Use windows explorer rather than WMP to put the folders onto your phone.

Also, it says on here the size of the album art should be an integer of 512*512. I use 500*500 and it looks great. Anything lower will probably look rubbish.

Bane of my life this album art!

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