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Quality Trouble with some Flac formats...


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Hi there !

First of all i'm new in here :) I gotta say you're the first that has a forum about an app that i've ever seen! this is amazing for getting feedbacks...

As i said feedbacks,i really need your help about something.

I love Flac musics.. It's much much better then mp3s but the size of songs are bigger too but it's not a problem for me..

So some of flac files are perfect but some of them not...

I realized that musics that's kbps is between 700-1300 are okay... But after 1300, for example my HMV flacs are around 3000 and here is the problem;

Songs are playing but in background there is always a sputter/like cracky sound... like how can i say.. LIKE gramophone style there is a cracky sound.....

But 700kbps version of the same song is okay!

I tried stock music player of my phone and there is no issue like this BUT I LOVE Poweramp.... Like everyone in here!

Is this could be a problem in Flac codecs?

best regards!

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so i was walking around on the internets and overheard your question. not sure how i got here but the issue unterests me.

I'm listening to a 3000kbps (2782 to be precise) FLAC track right now using Poweramp and a decent set of Sennheisers on my SGS3 running ICS and I'm getting awesome playback. This leads me to suspect that it's not an issue with Poweramp but with your device. It might be helpful for the dev to troubleshoot/confirm this if you noted what device you're using.

FWIW, I used to have another phone and while I sent it out for service I got an old/cheap loaner running Froyo and I don't think it had the capability of handling such high-quality audio, because I had very similar issues. I could be wrong about the hardware thing and the problem may have just been related to something else that's common between that device and yours but the hardware thing seems to make sense. Audio output drivers/decoders/[renderers if there is such a thing for audio] as well as sound cards make a huge difference for playback quality and even ability.

not sure if you tried this, but you can google "[your device] Poweramp [flac/hmv/flac hmv]" or "[your device] [flac/hmv/flac hmv]" and see if anyone's confirming the same trouble. another good way to determine if it's Poweramp is to try another player and see if the playback is better. if it is, then it's either Poweramp or its driver chice/utilization or whatever.

with that, i'm gonna keep surfing. godspeed and good luck :P

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I think you need to try your hi-res downloads again. I have Stones in 88/24bit and they are playing just fine. 192/24 has not been playing back, my Hotel California crashes. Much better than my old iPod, which can't play even 96/24 files. Playing back through a pair of Etymotic ER-4's

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