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Album art image downsizing method


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Good afternoon, could please consider looking into changing the interpolation method the player uses to scale down high resolution album art images ? Majority of my music library has album arts in about 1200x1200 and on my GSIII, the downsized images look fuzzy, almost like it was downsized using nearest neighbor method. Could consider implementing something more sophisticated like Spline64 or Lanczos?

Thanks in advance, exabyte.

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I suspect the problem is something that Max mentioned a while ago, which is that Poweramp scales everything to 500x500 (I think) and then rescales again for the device screen. It's never a good idea to resample/scale images multiple times.


If this is what is causing the fuzziness problem than it can be solved reasonably easy by making the first scaling step a user setting instead of a fixed 500x500 setting. That way users can adjust the scaling to their device screen characteristics.

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