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The queue gets emptied upon adding new songs


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I would like the queue not to remove any songs ever except when I explicitly command it to.

This what I experience these days: I build a playlist in the queue using the songs I would like to listen to in the near future. I start to play the playlist. Then I poke around in the phone in other apps. Maybe I stop listening to music for some time, but the issue does happen even if I don't sto. When next time I want to add a song to the queue from the artist view by long pressing on a song and pressing enqueue, I would like it to be appended to the existing playlist.

Instead, it removes all the songs from the queue except for the one being played at the moment. Or it removes all of the songs previosly in the list, if no song was playing at the moment. This rather often destroys a carefully composed playlist.

It is strange, that sometimes the new songs do get appended to the end of the playlist, but most of the times times they do remove all others like described above. I was not able to find out what other circumstance infulences which will happen.

What am I doing wrong? Is there an option for this?

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