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Hey all

I love Power Amp and it is the only player that allows me to save playlists when my music is on the SD card (with other players the playlists are empty after a restart). However I really don't like that gradient background that is displayed behind the album covers. It would be great if there was an option to disable that and just have a black background. It would suit the simple design style of Power Amp better. Even if I zoom the covers the gradient is still visible in landscape. Also I have found no skins that feature a black or plain background.

Another nice feature would be dropbox support (play in background).


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Bump on this one. I was ready to make a new topic but...


So could you make an option with the gradient behind the coverart ?

I'd like a more minimalistic look.


So the idea would be that the cover art takes the entire place with no background at all or that the background is the one from the skin (make options from it).

In the 1st case, the cover art would take the whole red area in my screenshot.



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