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Reverse (swap) Stereo Channels


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Hi all I want to say thanks for this great player and ask if you can add an option to make possible Reverse Stereo channels, because some headphones (prepared for iphone mostly) seems to have swapped Stereo Channels and because of this, you listen in your right hear what you should hear in your left hear...Thanks 4 readingme, I hope you can do something about it and sorry 4 my crappy english!

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This would also be a very good feature for people with hearing problems in one ear. I had a bad spell with this, though it has vastly improved now it would have been very useful to be able to swap channels around. Some tracks sounded great if you switched channels and awful if you didn't.

Better still would be a fourth option "track assigned" where you could program a track to switch channels, (perhaps with some MP3 tag maybe) no assignment having been made, being normal stereo of course. So the option could be:



L/R reversed

Track assigned.

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