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music purchased from Google Play


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First, have you gone into Google Play Music and tapped "the pin" marked "Keep on Device"? If not, try this first and then rescan. Get to the "pin" by switching to album view and then long pressing on the album picture.

Otherwise, I'm having the same problem. What version of the operating system are you using? I've only noticed this problem with Jelly Bean (JB). My other devices with older versions of Android work fine (after tapping "Keep on Device").

BTW, the solution I ended-up using was downloading the music from GooglePlay to my PC, connecting my phone to the computer via USB and then copying the missing music files. Worked great.

Like you, I don't have much music from GooglePlay. Amazon MP3 Store is the way to go....I don't have any of these issues with Amazon. Purchase and I'm good to listen!

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These files don't have tags so they named like tr001, tr002 etc.

Support for Google Play tracks metadata is planned for 3.0v



Thanks for the update! This is true, however, prior to updating my Verizon Nexus to Jelly Bean (JB), the Poweramp Scan function would locate my Google Music. Now it does not.

On my older (now ancient?) Galaxy Tab 7, Poweramp still finds Google Music. However, as you pointed out, I do have to update the tags.

So, something has changed with the release of JB that is interfering with Poweramp's Scan for Google Music. Tracks that I transfer or purchase from Amazon are fine.

Go figure.

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