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It’s done, I finished my 14 days trial period today (with build 512) and I bought Poweramp just after receiving the end of period notification without hesitation

I tested several players and Poweramp is my favorite by far, however I’ve some requests that I would like to be implemented in future versions:

- Manage “Album Artist” tag. Already discussed here.

In album view we should be able to sort Album by “Artist Album”. This sorting must prevent to concatenate Album with identical name but different Artist (ex “Greatest Hits”), or to see “Various artist” in case of Compilation CD. This is clearly a Must have

A specific view should be available for “Album Artist” similar to “Artist”. Should Have

Note: folder view may help for the time being but in my view it’s an unsatisfactory solution

- Improve Navigation & Ergonomy

I find the global navigation a little bit “messy”.

For example I’m not found of having the possibility to get direct access to folder view at the bottom of the screen when you have chosen library. Should Have.


Instead I would have preferred to be able to access genre and artist views. Swipe right or left should be implemented to change from one view (ex Album) to another (ex Artist) Should Have

In landscape mode, on play view, I‘d rather have the album art in one side and the control buttons on the other to see larger album art and better screen usage. Should Have


On play view if you want to go back to complete album list you have to press on “album icon” first on bottom of the screen, then back to album arrow "<" on top of the screen. Not very user friendly. See also “note” just after

Note: It may be a bug but I noticed on play view when pressing long on “album icon” a context menu is displayed. If you press album view you go back to the song list of the album instead of complete album list. Shoud have

- Grid view

Enlarge slightly the picture. To save space beetwen album arts Insert text (Album & artist name) over the Album art instead of below (or offer the possibility to completely remove the text). Should have .


Offer the possibility to customize the number of Colum or define the size of album art. Nice to have

- Keep Screen On

Additional condition should be possible : Keep Screen on only when connected to power supply Should Have


- Language

Make French available (It’s not an issue for me but could be if you want to develop your product in France). Should Have

Is there someone that already work on the French translation? Or do you need Help?


I use free ICS skin but I’d like to have a Jelly Bean skin. Quite similar actually but one difference I noted in Jelly Bean is the sceen background has a dark gray/black scale instead of pure black. Nice to Have

Lock Screen

Change slider to ICS or JB fashion. Nice to Have


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