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Galaxy S3 and Mazda 3 Bluetooth: Next track car control causes "PAUSE" on the next song

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Yup. Just downloaded it and I like it, a lot in fact, but every time I try to change tracks in my car, the music pauses and I have to manually fix it. Would really like a fix because aside from that, this app is fantastic!

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I reported this a long time ago too with my MS3.   This started happening after v2.0.6 Build 508 and if using Android 4.1.2, so my resolution has been to not upgrade beyond that, and I keep the APK around.   I don't know that there's any functionality/fixes that newer versions will give that I care about.


However...   I don't have this problem on Android 4.2 (CM10.1) or 4.3 (CM10.2).   Except that AVRCP doesn't work, but that's off topic for this thread.

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I also have to chime in here.  I'm having the same issue with my 2013 Mazda 3 sport GS.  It works fine with the standard Samsung music player but everytime I skip a track on Power Amp it pauses the track after skipping.


I am using a Samsung Galaxy S3 (i747) running OS 4.3 running power amp-v2.0.9-build-548-play


Please fix!!!

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