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Hi friends, am from chile, and i love this app.. but i'll like, if u can add a car mode, with big tittle and artist of the song, the screen is turns on when the song change, and the lockscreen mode disable.

This is an example Nokia-Carmode-music.jpg

Greetings from chile.

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To be honest, I don't really think a car mode is needed. There's a setting that lets you add controls onto the lock screen. Go under settings -->lock screen --> then enable ICS lock screen. You don't need to leave the lock screen to use the controls. When a song is playing, you just need to click the power button on the side and the mini-player will pop up with simplified controls on the lock screen. Has pretty much all the features you wanted: skip songs, album art, pause/play, rating, random/repeat selection. Works very well as it is IMO.

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Also looking forward to the car mode app. :) Although I am curious as to why it is an app, and not just an alternative mode or layout directly within Poweramp.

For car mode also important to have large fonts for track name, artist, album, track number, and total track number (and album year). In the car, the phone is usually in a cradle/holder further from one's face than when one is holding the phone. I need to be able to read the text just by glancing at screen - and usually when there is lots of sun coming into the car during the day.

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