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Seems like itd be a great feature to have the ability to edit general pieces of information about your music such as Artist and Album titles, without having to click on each song and changing it individually.

Personally, i get music from a wide variety of sources oncluding iTunes, datpiff, and livemixtapes. Occasionally, album titles are messed up, being typed in all caps or spelt wrong, whatever the case may be. So i try to keep my library as uniform as possible and this can take up a good chunk of time, depending on how many songs there are and the degree of editing i have to do.

Maybe when you hit the arrow thing next to a song and tap "info/tags", you're given the option to change multiple or just that one, using a checkmark as a selection tool.

Also, the ability to just go to the next or previous song in a list instead of saving and repeating the process for the next track. Also would be quicker to use.


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+1 for the next or previous feature.Also inside one folder, to be able to change one time the tags about Artist name / Album name / Genre / Year and then apply it to all of the rest of the tracks (to not to have to do it for each songs one after one).

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