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Widget issue


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Hi, I have only used Poweramp for 1 day, up to now i think its very good. I tried buying the app through google play and each time i tried it gave me an error says purchase cant be made, i have bought other apps within the last few days, not sure if it will work later on, thats a seperate issue anyway, i can always buy it from the site if it doesn't work.

The main issue i wanted to ask about, was the widgets, i tried using the 4x1 widget and looked nice etc, once i rebooted my galaxy note 10.1 the previous track did not show on the widget and it just looked like a white (blank) widget until i press play which would reload it.

is there anyway to get the widget to still show the previous track even when you restart your device? it just looks a bit rubbish blank otherwise.


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