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Poweramp Forever!


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Since I first purchased this app, some now over two years ago. That's right I purchased it outright, after only using the free version for less than a day. This was back when Google allowed you longer than 15 minutes to test something out. I purchased this with absolutely no regrets. I've recommended it ten times over to others who have also purchased it based off of my own recommendations. I have used everything from iTunes, WinAmp, Windows Media Player and countless other MP3 players across Mac, Windows and Linux. There was only one I can remember being really worth it's weight in sound quality and it was on Linux and I had to pay $6 for the sound drivers to really make it worth it. Once I did it was awesome.

Poweramp is in my opinion the very best there is on Android. Others have come close, but the quality level and music control here are unmatched. The widgets are very clean and resizable, the lock screen option is fantastic, love that I can get really technical with the settings inside the main options. There is so much to this app that when I seen version 3.0 is in the works I couldn't believe you could make it any better than it other than adding a few options for media file syncing. Aside from that there is not much more you can do to really perfect it except minor tweaks here and there. That's always the case though, there is always something that can be a tad bit better than it is. I just wanted to come here and say thanks for all of your hard work and I'm still using your app heavily after all this time. I've tried others, but I always come back to Poweramp. You've definitely made my music listening on Android an extreme pleasure to say the least!

Thanks for everything :)

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