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Shuffle of Songs

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Hello everyone!

Just a simple question that I wanted to know the answer.

When I have a playlist and set the player into shuffle mode,

of course, you cannot finished all the songs in one play only, right?

so when you stopped for a certain song and needs to restart your phone,

does it remember all the songs I already played and separates it from the song I haven't listened yet?

all the songs in your playlist are numbered 1 to 300 for example but you only played the songs (in shuffle mode) 1 upto 25 first and paused at song no.26 then you restarted your phone, when I play again the Poweramp, of course, it will start at no. 26 with that same song title before I restarted.

my question is, do the songs I played from 1 to 25 will stay there and will not mix with song numbers 27 to 300? because if I restarted, maybe only the song at number 26 will remain and all will be reshuffled?

I don't even have the full memory to remember that, hey! I already listened to this song awhile ago!haha

sorry if my problem is quite shallow but enlighten me please!

thank you! =))

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If you want Poweramp to remember that, and the song's already played, I'd queue the playlist.... Poweramp remember's queue, and generally song location but not always.

Let me know if that works out for you!

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