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How to put a picture on a individual song files


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I bought the premium option for my phone. This program is so confusing to use. I have so many questions.

Can i ask how to change the picture for each individual song? Not album but song. If you have time, how do you make a playlist?

This program is not user friendly at all. It looks nice and sounds nice but does not cooperate nicely. Sorry but i bought this. I'm thinking of other apps like winamp if i can't get this resolved soon.

Thanks for any replies

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1)Changing pictures for a single song is not really possible unless it's embedded in the song's code, otherwise, all changes will typically be album-wide.

2) Making a playlist is quite simple, you just select the first song you want in that playlist (long press not short) then you click add to playlist, then create new and from the playlist page, you can add more songs.

3) Sorry for the hardship you're experiencing with Poweramp, with all the adding of features, we are trying to design an even better user interface because there's no point having great features no one knows how to use. Thanks for being a customer and hope you enjoy using Poweramp.

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