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"Show All Songs" option next to albums in "Artist" Menu

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Hey guys,

I love Poweramp, but I really miss the option to show all songs of an artist.

When I want to have a list of all the songs of one artist, there should be the option "show all songs", as alternative to the albums.

For example:

I have 3 songs on my phone by artist x, but they are all from different albums.

So when I want to listen to these three songs, I have to browse through the three albums, that annoys me so hard...

Well sometimes I just feel like listening to one artist, not just to one specific album of an artist, so it would be simple to have the option to see all the album songs in one list together.

Any other player software has that simple option "Show all songs" first above the albums :(

Please add that feature, I don't want to have to switch to another player just because of that stupid feature...

Thanks in advance!


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I found 2 options for this. 1) press and hold on the artists name and you get a dropdown with a play button. plays all their songs. Second is the little down arrow next to the name of the artist and that gives the same options. Its a "work around" but I too would like an option (maybe a whole additional "album" called all songs).

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Just found a fix. If you go to 'Artists' then select one of the artist (you should see the albums) and hit the options button => 'List Options' => View as grid.


In the list view you can select "All artist songs" rather than an individual album.

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